Step and Play Piano by Fisher Price

It’s official- we are on 61 days away from Christmas!  That’s about nine weeks (or four paychecks, if you count like most Americans on a bi-weekly pay schedule).  That means it’s time to start shopping for deals right now rather than waiting until Black Friday (which, by the way, is 31 days away as of this post).

14725584_10102406700579702_6542126860952757807_nWhen people ask what Willow plays with the most, the Fisher Price Step n Play Piano comes in at a close third (behind dish towels and receipts, of course).  Despite it being marketed as a 9-12 month toy, I ordered this bad boy back in May when she was about 5 1/2 months old, and she has loved it ever since.  It should be noted that I ordered the older version- the only difference other than color is that mine has a “hard” piano where the new version has a “soft” piano (which I would have preferred).  Click here for a link to the Step n Play Piano.  Read on for more information!

Set Up

The Fisher Price Step n Play Piano itself is really simple to put together (I think it took me about three minutes) as all of the pieces snap into place.  The batteries aren’t crazy (3 AA are required) and lasted me for about five months with daily use.  As soon as I was able to connect the seat, she was ready to rock out!

Play as Full Unit

Baby is able to glide back and forth for the length of the Step n Play Piano so that s/he has full access to all foot piano keys and the attached instruments.  Willow’s favorite part of the toy is (of course) the blue tray, which she picks up and totes around the house for hours.  Each instrument makes either a rattling or an electronic noise and the plastic turntables even “mix” the songs!  At first, Willow had fun just gliding back and forth.  Once she figured out how to make noise with her feet and hands she would stay entertained for most of the afternoon!

Play as Seatless Unit

The seat detaches for walkers and toddlers.  That way, they can walk through and use the toy from any angle they choose.  Willow isn’t walking yet, but will be soon (she just started cruising!), so I will update this portion when it comes time.

Other Features

On the new model (click here to see it), the piano keys at the feet detach to become a stand-alone toy.  If you own the popular Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym, it’s pretty comparable as a toy (but again, is soft, so it can be used for younger babies during tummy time).  The toy can grow with a child up until toddlerhood and possibly beyond.  The Step n Play Piano also functions well as a hand-me-down or pass-along toy that can be given to friends, relatives, day cares, charitable organizations, etc.

On Gifting

This is honestly one of the best gifts for baby that I have found.  Amazon sells it for about $95 as of this writing (members get free shipping with Prime) which is less than you’ll find it in stores.  It’s a great baby shower gift because– let’s face it– most of the toys received at showers are wubby blankets or hanging rattles.  With the Step n Play Piano, you have a toy that a baby can use at the perfect time– right when the other “baby toys” start to become obsolete.  For that reason, it’s a toy that stands the test of time, really making that investment worth it.  It’s a wonderful Christmas gift for baby or any time of year, really!

I would recommend buying this product via Amazon Prime to save on shipping costs!  Don’t have Amazon Prime?  Click here for a trial!

Do you have a product that you’d like to see reviewed by Willow or Mommy?  Send an email to!

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