Memorial Day Weekend

It feels like– no matter what we do in an attempt to “relax” during holidays– we always end up jamming our schedule full of so many activities that we almost need another break after.

Memorial Day Weekend is no different for our clan.

When we chose May 27 as our wedding date back in 2012 we did so with the immediate intent of our cross-country family (which is 70% of them) having the opportunity to join us for our special day.  The fact that our anniversary would fall on a holiday weekend was not something we considered.

Everything is usually crowded and over-priced but we still manage to have fun!  Here’s a rundown of our weekend.


kayakMy parents watched Willow for the weekend so Donny and I could get away (much needed).  We went to a great place on Saratoga Lake called the Kayak Shak— a little shop that rents single and tandem kayaks for $25/3- hour trip.

We paddled against the wind for the better part of an hour which was super challenging.  The last time we went kayaking was before Willow was born– maybe back in 2014– and I quickly realized that I miiiiight not be in the same shape as back then!  Nevertheless we pressed (or, paddled) on for the entire three hours.  It was nice to take a break and float for a while as well.

Just how out of shape am I these days?  I am writing this on Tuesday… still sore.

Later that evening we had dinner at Wheatfields in Saratoga because we had heard really good things!  I had the crab macaroni and cheese and Donny had the sausage macaroni and cheese (we really should have just gone to Druther’s but they had a two hour wait).  It was a bit disappointing to say the least.  Our waiter (I think his name was Brayden) was incredibly helpful and even attempted to fix the air conditioning in the sweltering room (so many patrons were complaining).  A good experience but really sub-par food; I don’t think we will be returning.

We decided to hit the town and made our first stop at the Ice House where the band Legend was playing.  Way back in the day (in my former life, as I like to call it) I was the booking manager of a concert venue called Northern Lights (now the Upstate Concert Hall).  The owner would invite this band to play on nights that we could not fill (but had an opportunity to generate revenue) and they were always incredible!  Legend is a cover band made up of men who I believe are about the same age as my dad… but don’t let age fool you!  The singer sounded so authentic, it was unreal!


34030703_10103423822154912_6852803758821212160_nWe had brunch at a place that served me an $11 coffee (more on that in my review on their Facebook page— yikes) and hit the road to go back home.  Inevitably it always rains during Memorial Day Weekend and Sunday was basically a wash-out.  We ran errands, went grocery shopping and cleaned the house.  The highlight of the day was watching Willow jump in puddles (such joy!).


WillowGardenWhen I was a teenager I was in a co-ed division of the Boy Scouts of America called the Explorers (more on that in another post).  Our post and some friends marched in the Bethlehem Memorial Day parade each year.  When we grew up, we continued to watch the parade as a group, gathering at a friend’s family home. This year was our 18th year celebrating together!

After the parade the three of us shopped for flowers for the backyard (again- another post for another day- but it’s finally coming along!).  Willow chose a few annuals that she liked and we planted a mini- toddler garden in a little open patch in the backyard.  She was thrilled!

Of course we bought hamburgers, hot dogs, melons, corn and assorted other cookout fare… But we were so exhausted that we ended up ordering Domino’s instead!

What did you do on Memorial Day Weekend this year?  Let us know in the comment section!

A generous person has set up a Go Fund Me account to cover Willow’s preschool expenses.  If you would like to donate please click here to do so.

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