Step and Play Piano by Fisher Price

It’s official- we are on 61 days away from Christmas!  That’s about nine weeks (or four paychecks, if you count like most Americans on a bi-weekly pay schedule).  That means it’s time to start shopping for deals right now rather than waiting until Black Friday (which, by the way, is 31 days away as of this…

Amazon Prime Membership Special for My Readers

If you don’t already know, I use Amazon Prime for literally everything (we actually just ordered Willow’s baptism gown for $20 less than it was selling at Macy’s)! For my readers, Amazon is offering a special 30- day free trial.  Click here for more information (you can thank me later).

Great deal on oatmeal and rice cereal for baby at Shop Rite

Sometimes, you just stumble across a great deal! This week, I happened to run out of my usual Gerber oatmeal that Willow eats each morning. Imagine my surprise when I came across this! The boxes of rice cereal and oatmeal are marked down to $1.69. Each box (at least, most of the boxes) have a $1.00…

We actually won something!

Bubba and I recently attended the Happy Places Event at the Babies ‘r’ Us location in Latham, NY.