18 weeks and mini golf!

Today marks 18 weeks with our Mr. Baby!  Yup– you read that right!  Although we won’t know the sex of the baby until July 2, 2015, we have called s/he “Mr. Baby” ever since the first positive test.  Not sure where it came from, but the name stuck!

This week’s dress comes from Old Navy!  Click the tag to see pictures!

IMG_7721 IMG_7720

The Old Navy in Crossgates Mall has just started carrying maternity items in-store.  Previously, you could only purchase things that were returns (usually hidden on the clearance rack) or online.  Being nearly 6’0 tall, I was stoked about how long this dress is!  I got it for about $20 with coupon (picked up some shirts for Bubba, too).  It does double as a nursing item, so the top is pretty loose.  I ended up stitching it together a bit to avoid (ahem) exposing the tater tots.

Bubba and I on the course
Bubba and I on the course

We ended up having an impromptu double date night with our (newly engaged!) friends Ryan and Sarah.  First, we had dinner at Red Robin (YUMMM!) and moseyed on down to a mini golf place that was… well… run down at best.  We still had fun!

I'm not so sure the water should be that color...
I’m not so sure the water should be that color…

I never realized what a… well… chore it would be to simply bend down to grab my golf ball!  Yikes!  By the end of the night, my prego knees were killing me (as was my back… my feet… my sore abdomen…)

Sarah is so tiny!  She could have lived in this hut!
Sarah is so tiny! She could have lived in this hut!

They had some pretty neat batting cages at the other side of the golf course so we took a walk over.  Bubba hit a few balls (as I looked on, nearly having a heart attack).  I’m not sure which was more entertaining to watch: his golf swing or his sick batting skills.

We ended the night at Philly’s Sports Grill, where we quickly realized that we were the oldest people in the place (except for the 60- year old singer hired for the night).  Diet Pepsi with a lime is my drink of choice while everyone else enjoys a beer (don’t worry- I only have one!).

Go Bubba!
Go Bubba!

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