We actually won something!

i don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited for free stuff.  Especially when it’s free stuff that I need!

Bubba and I recently attended the Happy Places Event at the Babies ‘r’ Us location in Latham, NY.  It was a lot of fun!


Of course, I had to be there right at 10am!  I woke poor Bubba up early (bribed first with a homemade breakfast burrito), ate breakfast and trekked on down to the Latham location.

There was no one there.  

Really.  We walked inside and wandered around for a little before checking with an employee to make sure e had the right date.  We were directed to the back of the store where a little table was set up with some prizes and raffle tickets.  We were told that the winner would be drawn at around 11:45am and that we must be present to win.  So, each of us grabbed a ticket and we proceeded to the registry department.

Let me tell you: Babies ‘r’ Us has a ton of stuff!  We figured that, since we had a little over an hour to kill before the drawing, we could get some basics down on our registry.  I swear, I just don’t know how anyone gets a registry done in a day!  I think we spent a half hour in the stroller section alone, trying to find one suitable for our 6’0+ frames (and our respective vehicles).

Picked up this bad boy while we were there!
Picked up this bad boy while we were there!

I think we really got a lot done with our registry (click here to take a peek!) especially considering the fact that we won’t know the sex of Baby Wunsch until July 2.

We checked our watches after a heated discussion about baby bathtubs (I say just use the sink, he wants a full-on spa tub) and headed back to the table for the drawing.

There was still no one there.

We tested out the gliders (who am I kidding… my exhausted feet were so thankful for the extra ten minutes!) and waited for the drawing.  The employees realized that we were the only ones still there and gave us each a prize!

The haul from the raffle
The haul from the raffle

Overall, I was very pleased with the items that we won.  The first is the Cloud B Glow Cuddles Bear.  This thing is so freaking cute!  It’s a soft bear with a plastic device secured inside with velcro.  The device has a light shaped like a heart and, according to the package, “mimics Mother’s heartbeat or a car ride and glows through the night.”  We took it out and tested it with the different settings (it can be activated with a hug or switched to a timer) and it seemed pretty neat.  We agreed that there should be a little more padding on the bear as the device is easily felt through the belly of the toy.

The second item is a white Ubbi diaper pail.  It’s surprisingly short but looks very well made.  The box says that it is made of steel, has rubber seals to prevent odors and takes any standard kitchen trash bag (music to my ears after seeing the price for refill bags for another popular brand).  This retails for $79.99 so we were pretty excited to get it as part of the prize package.

The little gift bag came with a few coupons, some advertisements and a Nuby pacifier (we have four of these so far from various giveaway bags).  It also came with an eight ounce can of Enamel Infant Formula for Newborns and a four-ac of Enamel Infant Formula for Supplementing.  Although I plan on breastfeeding, I know that these will eventually come in handy!

Overall, I wish the event was a little better attended (it seemed that some planned activities didn’t happen due to lack of response) but am pretty happy that we won these items.  We will return to Babies ‘r’ Us in the coming weeks to finish our registry!

Author’s Note:  I have not been compensated for this review.  The opinions expressed are my own and independent of any brand or company mentioned.

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