Want Luvs diapers for $1.99? Here’s the hook up!

I’m probably going to regret sharing this when I can’t find a box for myself, but oh well! 

This week, big boxes of Luvs diapers (ANY size)  

 are on sale at Shop Rite for $18.99! Here’s how you get the deal:

  1. Find the $2.00 off Luvs coupon at coupons.com, Coupon Sherpa or other savings website. That brings your price down to $16.99.
  2. Sign up for Ibotta and use the code enpcdhb. That will give you a $10.00 rebate! 
  3. Scan your Shop Rite reciept using the Ibotta app. Then, scan the barcode of the Luvs box. 💣BOOM: You have another $5.00 rebate! Don’t forget that code– enpcdhb— for your $10.00 sign up bonus!

Just follow those three SUPER easy steps and you’ve got diapers for $1.99! 

Want to save even more??

Use the Shop Rite Shop from Home service. Put at least $60 worth of Luvs box diapers into your cart (must have a total of at least $100, so this is a good excuse to get some groceries done). Check out and use the code BABYSAVE25. Now, you’ve got an extra $25.00 in FREE diapers!!

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