Willow Wednesday

It’s Willow Wednesday once again! Here’s our shot of the week!

Great deal on oatmeal and rice cereal for baby at Shop Rite

Sometimes, you just stumble across a great deal! This week, I happened to run out of my usual Gerber oatmeal that Willow eats each morning. Imagine my surprise when I came across this! The boxes of rice cereal and oatmeal are marked down to $1.69. Each box (at least, mostĀ of the boxes) have a $1.00…

Want Luvs diapers for $1.99? Here’s the hook up!

I’m probably going to regret sharing this when I can’t find a box for myself, but oh well!  This week, big boxes of Luvs diapers (ANY size)    are on sale at Shop Rite for $18.99! Here’s how you get the deal: Find the $2.00 off Luvs coupon at coupons.com, Coupon Sherpa or other savings…

The new blog!

Coming in May 2016: The all-new #MyMommyRocks blog! Stay tuned!